Olorchee Premier Straightening Perm For Normal Hair / Damaged Hair (120ml x 2)
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High performance straightening cream specially formulated with long-lasting and perfect smoothing effect.
Mild formula with abundant amino acid which can deeply infiltrate the hair cortical layer and repair the hair while perming.
Provides the strength, elasticity and shape of the hair, effectively avoid forking, dull and make your hair excellent straight and shiny.


Straightening Cream available in 2 strengths :

- For Normal Hair
- For Damaged Hair


Directions of use
It is best to begin service on hair that is shampooed and dried naturally in order to properly access the existing hair texture
Divide the hair into 5 quadrants (nape to occipital, occipital to crown, 2 side flats, top)
Wear disposable gloves and dispense Agent 1 into a plastic bowl and mix
Begin application from the nape (usually the curliest and toughest area) staying 1/4 inch from the scalp
If the hair is long or very thick, work with another stylist to ensure the same processing time all over the head and the best end results
Apply Agent 1 with a brush and let the product penetrate from roots to ends without tangling
Pull each section straight before moving to the next section and proceed towards the top of the sections working with partings not more than 1 cm (1/3 inch) in thickness
Processing time begins when you apply the cream to the first parting and recommended processing time is 30-40 minutes according to the hair condition
To check if the procedure has been completed, remove the cream from a small area or strand section and gently push the hair towards the scalp 
If the hair remains in a smooth state, processing is complete but if the hair tends to curl, prolong the processing time
Rinse with warm water and shampoo carefully to remove all residue of cream
Blot hair dry with a towel without tangling the hair and flat iron hair section by section with temperature setting of 220°C to 280°C until the hair is smooth and silky


Apply Agent 2 directly on the hair, starting from the base of each section and working from scalp to ends
Comb the hair carefully and neutralize for 10 minutes
Rinse the neutralizer out for 5 minutes with lukewarm water
Apply conditioner to hair, leave in for 3-5 minutes and proceed with a final rinse

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