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Schwarzkopf Strait Glatt Hair Straightener (400ml) + Neutralizing Balm (400ml)
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A professional straightener with the innovative Active Care+ Complex that provides perfectly long-lasting straight hair with premium care. 
This 2 step straight permanent system contains HAIR STRAIGHTENER 1 & NEUTRALIZING BALM , which are permanent solutions that make your hair smooth, shinny & straight.
Leaves hair shiny, smooth and long-lasting silky straight.


3 available strengths suitable for different hair types
Strait Glatt 0 - Naturally very curly or naturally frizzy hair
Strait Glatt 1 - Naturally curly or naturally very curly coloured hair
Strait Glatt 2 - Coloured and porous hair


Directions of use

Hair Straightener
Divide the hair into 4 equal sections, start sectioning at the neck, each horizontal section 1cm thick and 5cm wide
Wear suitable gloves and apply Hair Straightener cream onto the hair using a brush
Do not apply to root area at least 1cm from the scalp
Distribute the Straightener cream evenly and carefully comb through each strand
Work efficiently to keep application time max for 20 minutes
Cover the hair with a plastic cap straight down to the back and process for 10-20 minutes
If using heat, reduced the processing time to 10-15 minutes
Test strand elasticity, if you can stretch the hair approximately twice as much as normal the process is finished
Rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water until the Straightener cream is removed completely


Neutralizing Balm
Divide the hair into 4 sections again, start applying at the neck, each horizontal section 1cm thick and 5cm
Use the same amount of Neutralizing Balm as Straightening cream and comb straight whilst applying
Leave to process for 10 minutes
Rinse out thoroughly with lukewarm water and towel dried the hair
Do not pull, tangle or kneed the hair
Use a round brush or straightening iron to give the hair the desired styling


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