Olorchee Premier Wave Perm Lotion (1000ml) + Neutralizer (1000ml)
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Olorchee Premier Wave Perm is a low-ammonia, low-thio wave with salon-friendly aroma. 
Specially formulated to strengthen and condition with true-to-rod-size results.
Beautifully and luxuriously formed, strong, reliable curls and soft touchable hair that lasts up to 12 weeks.
Low alkaline formulation with Keratin Hydrosylate and Collagen Hydrosylate conditioning effects, leaving the curls bouncy and glamorous.


Directions of use

1) Shampoo and rinse hair thoroughly, towel-dried and leaving hair damp

2) Part hair into 4 to 5 sections, as determined by hair thickness

3) Wear protective gloves

4) Apply PERM LOTION 1 to one section at a time using the back of the comb, a hair coloring brush or fingers

5) Use a tail comb to part hair and begin the application of PERM LOTION 1 to the hair nearest the scalp, preferably starting at the nape area

6) Comb the cream through the entire head, first with a wide-tooth comb then with a smaller-tooth comb

7) When the hair becomes supple and flexible (about 30-40 minutes), rinse with lukewarm water and towel dry. Do not tangled the hair



1) Divide the hair into 8 sections. Subsection as you wrap the hair

2) Wrap hair as desired on curling rods. In order to rearrange the curl pattern of the hair, the rod selected must be at least 2 times larger than the natural curl and in order to achieve a good curl formation, the hair should encircle the rod at least 2.5 times

3) After the wrap has been completed, protect the skin by placing cotton around the hairline and neck

4) Apply PERM LOTION 2 (Neutralizer) to all the curls until they are thoroughly saturated

5) Cover the head with plastic cap and leave under a pre-heated dryer for 15 to 25 minutes according to the hair condition

6) Take a test curl and if the desired curl pattern has not developed, leave under the dryer for another 10 minutes or until a curl pattern develops

7) When the desired curl pattern has been reached, rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water and blot each curl with a towel

8) Carefully remove rods, apply balance of PERM LOTION 2 (Neutralizer) to the hair, work through with fingers for thorough distribution and allow it to remain on the hair for another 5 minutes

9) Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water then cool water and towel blot



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